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THIS IS PAULINE! In Stripes! Photo by Mira Noltenius

Supported by The Danish Film Directors Association I am currently researching, writing and developing a documentary to be filmed mainly in America. I have a feature film-manuscript ready for the UK/US-market, and I am also developing the storyline and research for THIS IS PAULINE! an International Historical TV-series, which also has inspired a Historical Novel I just started writing. I recently finished writing my first novel in Danish and I also have an illustrated poetry collection ready for publishing. For theatre I am developing a burlesque-inspired theatre show, a follow-up project to my play Misty Gaze will Amaze - 100 years of Women's Right to Vote from 2015, in 2019 I stayed in Greece at The Danish Institute in Athens to do research for this new theatre performance. 

2015 Misty Gaze will Amaze – 100 years of Women’s Right to Vote a Burlesque-inspired-theatre-show at Bådteatret in Copenhagen, DK

2014 Urtica, written for a reading at Theatre Days in Vesterbro - with the Playwright's own Voice, Copenhagen, DK
2012 Nightflier performed underground in a Cold War Bunker in Copenhagen, Verdens Mindste Teater, Dir. by Ulla Koppel, DK


2011 The Clooney Brothers Mini-Tour - The Clooney Brothers Prod. DK
2009 The Clooney Brothers: Who has the most furrr in the drawer??! Bådteatret and Husets Teater, DK
2009 Jasonites! Project #2, 1 month of interventions and street theatre for Odin Teatret, Holstebro. DK
2009 The Clooney Brothers Show, Clooney Brothers Prod. In collaboration with Bådteatret, DK
2008  Instruction Manual, Questi fantasmi & sons prod. Edinburgh Fringe Festival, GB
2008 Jasonites! Project #1, 3.weeks of interventions and street performance for Odin Teatret in Torino, Italy
2004 24h BURN, One Arm Red Theatre, NYC, USA


I also work freelance as a script-consultant to writers, publishers and playwrights - latest on the music e-book The Art of Modern SongWriting in the Streaming Age, publ. in Sept. 2020, and the award winning new play Vort Mismods Vinter in 2019

2016-21 Antiquarian Bookstore Employee at the largest Scandinavian antiquarian bookstore Vangsgaards Antikvariat, Copenhagen

2014 Swedish reader- and consultant for the esteemed Danish Publishing House Gyldendal, Copenhagen

Until 2013 Consultant & in-charge of visiting international writers & Bookfairs for the Publishing House Forlaget Per Kofod, DK


2021 Six weeks Writing Historical Fiction Online Course at Curtis Brown Agency in London.
2020 Followed the online Writing from Home -12. Weeks of Writing Workout by the Curtis Brown Agency in London.
2020 Online, took the two weeks An Introduction to Screenwriting at the University of East Anglia in UK. 
2017 Followed Screencraft's Online Course Write Your Sceenplay in 60 Days, CA, USA.
2014 Writing for the Stage Workshop by Mads Thygesen at The Danish National School of Performing Arts - Further Education, Copenhagen.
2013 Graphic Novel Writer- and Illustrator Course by Emily Haworth-Booth at The Royal Drawing School, London. 


2019 Residency – 1½ Month writing and research residency for a new theatre performance at the Danish Institute in Athens, Greece.
2019 The Danish Film Director's Association - Work Grant for Documentary research, DK.

2018 Residency & Travel Grant – 3 Month research- and writing residency for THIS IS PAULINE! at the Danish Institute in Rome, Italy.
2017 Residency & Travel Grant – 1½ Month writing & art residency to write on my Graphic Novel at the Danish Institute in Athens, Greece.
2014 Residency & Travel Grant – The Danish Playwrights' and Screenwriters' Guild, 1. Month research residency in Paris, France.
2013 The Danish Playwrights' and Screenwriters' Guild – Work Grant - for Misty Gaze Will Amaze -100 years of Women’s Right to Vote, DK.

2011 The Danish Playwrights' and Screenwriters' Guild – Work Grant - for Nightflier, DK.

2009 Residency & Travel Grant – 1. Month research residency at the Danish Institute in Damascus, Syria.
2009 The Danish Playwrights' and Screenwriters' Guild – Work Grant – Together w. the Theatre Company The Clooney Brothers, DK.

The Danish Playwrights' and Screenwriters' Guild and the Danish Film Academy

Graphic Novel Drawing from Athens March